Terms And Condition


This arrangement begins upon your acceptance of the proposal outlined in this quotation. You can indicate your acceptance through either

  • Signing and returning the quotation via mail or email
  • Making the required deposit and instructing us to proceed with the installation of the System.

The system purchase is only finalised and next procedures would take place when

  • Solar Boom has received an initial deposit from you
  • Receipt of Grid Connection Approval is provided from your electricity distributor (the company responsible for delivering electricity to the Premises).

When purchasing services from Solar Boom, you agree that

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are either a registered property owner or have obtained authorization from all registered owners to enter into this agreement
  • You have read, comprehended, and agreed to the terms outlined in this agreement.

Upon payment of the deposit, you commit to acquiring the selected PV Solar System, subject to the stipulations outlined in these terms and conditions.

SOLAR BOOM will coordinate the procurement of your components and the installation of your system at the specified SOLAR BOOM price under the following conditions

  • The installation is technically feasible as a standard installation, or you agree to cover any additional costs for a non-standard installation. Typically majority of installations are standard if the quotation is not provided personally, and an online system is used for the quotation
  • Your meter box and switchboard comply with Electrical Safety regulations, are in good condition, and include safety switches

SOLAR BOOM will procure PV Solar components on your behalf, ensuring they meet all relevant Australian standards.

SOLAR BOOM has facilitated the installation of your PV Solar system through Clean Energy Council accredited PV Solar Designers/Installers and licensed electricians, adhering to the applicable laws of the Australian states and territories.

This agreement concludes upon the completion of the System installation and commissioning, unless terminated earlier by either party in accordance with its terms.

Accessing the Premise

You authorize us, as well as our contractors, to enter and stay at the Premises for the following purposes

  • Carrying out one or more site inspections if deemed necessary by us;
  • Delivering and installing the System, at any reasonable time, provided that we provide you with at least 3 Business Days' notice of the proposed access time.

It is imperative that you or your representative be present at the premises during any site inspection and for the delivery and installation of the System.

You are required to

  • Ensure that we and our contractors have convenient and safe access to all parts of the Premises necessary for conducting any required site inspections or for delivering and installing the System
  • Refrain from hindering or obstructing this access
  • Ensure that the Premises, including its roof, supporting structures, and electrical wiring, are in sound condition and capable of accommodating the installation.


We are obligated to either deliver or arrange the delivery of the System to your premises.

The responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to the System transfers to you upon its delivery to the premises

SOLAR BOOM will exert reasonable efforts to ensure that your System is delivered and installed on the agreed-upon date.

It is acknowledged that the agreed date serves as a target rather than a strict deadline, and SOLAR BOOM will not be held liable if we are unable to deliver and install the System at the Installation Address by the agreed date.


The installation process must align with the design and specifications outlined by Solar Boom, unless circumstances arise that necessitate a new design or specification. Such changes may impact the overall price.

Solar Boom provides guidance to consumers on assessing their system's performance. The recommended method for measuring energy output involves a demonstration:

  • post-installation, the installer will instruct on reading energy output on the inverter for the entire system and guide through the shutdown procedure
  • Solar Boom provides user manuals and warranty documents for components.
  • Energy output is a reasonable measure of performance; savings are not.

Building Defects

While we will exercise all reasonable precautions during the installation of the System at the Premises, our liability does not extend to

  • the structural integrity of the roof
  • The Insulation factors of the roof
  • the roof's capacity to support the weight of the System;
  • any impact the System installation may have on the warranty provided by the roof manufacturer
  • any damage to the roof or Premises that is not a result of our negligence or a breach of this agreement.

You affirm that the building or location at the Installation Address is secure, devoid of defects, including being asbestos-free, and suitable for installing the System. You recognize that Solar Boom bears no responsibility for any System damage or harm to your building arising from defects or deficiencies in your building or any part thereof.

Solar Boom assumes no responsibility or liability for suboptimal performance or installation issues if your building features brittle roof tiles, oxidized metal roofs, meter boxes, or inadequate roof supports. It is imperative that you rectify such defects before Solar Boom proceeds with the System installation.

Upon installation at your specified address, ownership and insurance risk for the PV solar system transfer to you. SOLAR BOOM recommends consulting your insurance company to ascertain their requirements for ensuring adequate coverage of your PV solar system under your policy.


Solar Boom offers a separate and additional warranty period of five years for the overall operation and performance of the entire solar PV system, encompassing both workmanship and products. This warranty is distinct from and supplementary to the warranties provided by the product manufacturers.

During the initial five years of solar system operation, if any faults or defects arise in the supplied products or the installation workmanship, Solar Boom will address and rectify the issues at no cost to you. Solar Boom is also committed to repairing any damage or leaks resulting from the solar system installation, provided Solar Boom is promptly notified of such damage. This warranty covers all associated costs for repairing or replacing damaged components, including on-site labor.

The system's performance is contingent on various local factors such as roof orientation, pitch, direct sunlight hours, cloud cover, and shading from structures and trees, some of which may change over time.

SOLAR BOOM warrants that all installed products are free from defective parts and workmanship, ensuring they are in good working order from the installation date. SOLAR BOOM retains the right to determine the type of defect and the cause of failure. No repair or replacement will be provided if the damage is attributable to

  • Accident, negligence, misuse, theft, vandalism, fire, water, electrical surge, lightning strike, or other perils.
  • Conditions outside the specified operation of the products, including, but not limited to, electrical power, temperature, humidity, or dust.
  • Any repair, relocation, or alteration of a product not performed by Solar Boom or its authorized service agents.
  • Any cause other than normal use
  • Damage to goods resulting from faults in equipment from the Buyer.


All amounts specified in the Quote include GST.

Payments for this agreement can be executed through various methods such as Bpay, bank cheque, money order, debit card, credit card, or direct deposit.

The "Deposit Required" mentioned above should be settled in full simultaneous with the acceptance of our offer.

Prior to the installation, you are required to remit the "Balance Due (Inc. GST)" to Solar Boom.

Payment of the Deposit

  • You must make the Deposit payment concurrently with the acceptance of our offer outlined in the Quote.

Payment of the Balance

  • The Balance must be paid when we deliver the System to the Premises.
  • Title in the System is transferred to you upon payment of the Balance, provided that the Deposit and all other owed amounts have already been settled.

Price Increase

Subject to the provisions of clause 8.2, there is a possibility of adjusting the pricing for

  • the System or any of its components;
  • the installation of the System; or
  • any other item outlined in the Quote, to accommodate any newly incurred or increased costs associated with the sale and installation of the System under this agreement.

The adjustment of prices outlined in clause 8.1 is permissible only if:

  • it is deemed reasonable;
  • there is no legal prohibition against such adjustments; and
  • written notice of the increase is provided to you at least one week before the Target Date specified in the Quote, or, if a new Target Date has been communicated to you

In the event that a notice of a price increase is issued, and you choose to terminate this agreement instead of accepting the price hike, termination can be initiated in accordance with clause 8.4. If termination occurs, any applicable refund will be provided.

Termination under clause 8.3 can be effected by

  • contacting us via the telephone number stated in the quote
  • providing written notice of termination, either by post or email, before the Target Date mentioned in the Quote, or, if a new Target Date has been communicated to you
  • Failure to terminate this agreement under clause 8.3 by the specified date following receipt of a notice of a price increase will be construed as acceptance of the price adjustment


In the event that you have made payments to us under this agreement, and the agreement concludes for any of the following reasons before the installation of the System at your Premises, we will promptly refund all the funds you have paid

  • If we fail to deliver and install the System at the Premises within the specified timeframe, and a new installation timeframe is not mutually agreeable, leading you to choose to terminate the agreement.
  • If we notify you of a price increase and you opt to terminate the agreement in response to accepting the proposed price hike.
  • Grid connection approval will be refused
  • You have the right to cancel the agreement within 10 business days (Cooling-off period) starting from the day after you sign or receive this agreement
  • If the installation design undergoes unavoidable changes without your consent due to unforeseen circumstances.

STC Incentives

STCs serve as government incentives to alleviate the initial costs of installing your solar PV system. The quantity of STCs your system receives depends on its size and location. These certificates are generated post the installation of an eligible system, and their calculation is based on the amount of electricity produced or replaced by the system (i.e., electricity from non-renewable sources).

By using our STC assignment form, you recognize that all rights to generate the STCs are transferred Solar Boom.

Any mention of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) must align with the guidelines of the Clean Energy Regulator, clarifying that STCs constitute a financial incentive rather than a rebate. Furthermore, you acknowledge that you are not eligible for any government-based financial compensation upon the completion of the STC creation process

You commit to providing Solar Boom with all accurately completed documents required for the creation of STCs for your property. This process will be conducted on your behalf, in consultation with the Clean Energy Regulator, allowing Solar Boom to sell the STCs as partial payment for the solar system.

In the event that the Clean Energy Regulator does not approve the creation of the STCs associated with your assignment form, Solar Boom reserves the right to invoice you for the full Sale Price. The outstanding balance of the invoice must be promptly settled by you.

Solar Boom will determine the current market price of STCs as the STCs price in the quotation. If any delays occur on your end in the installation timeframe and the market price of STCs drops during that period, Solar Boom will recalculate the pricing with the consent of both parties. Any payable difference will be communicated to you, and either party can opt to terminate the contract with written notice, with a full deposit refund.

You grant Solar Boom the authority to sell the STCs either through the open STC market (based on variable market prices) or through the STC Clearing House.


Grid Connection Approval

We will apply the application for Grid Connection Approval on your behalf, undertaking the following actions

  • Submitting the application at the earliest opportunity
  • Keeping you informed of the application's progress
  • Responding promptly, within a reasonable timeframe, to any information or requests from the distributor
  • Providing you with prompt notice of the application's outcome

Your acquisition of the System is contingent upon the approval of Grid Connection.

If Grid Connection Approval is declined, this agreement will be terminated, and any necessary refund will be issued.

Additional Approvals

It is your responsibility to apply for and secure any additional approvals, permits, or consents necessary for the System's installation at the Premises.

Timely application for these approvals, permits, and consents is essential.

The sale and installation of the System, along with our respective obligations under this agreement, are independent of and unaffected by your acquisition of these approvals, permits, and consents.


This agreement excludes the cost of purchasing and installing the new meter, which will be billed to you by your energy retailer and/or distributor after the solar system installation.

You acknowledge that while Solar Boom may assist in coordinating grid connection and meter installation, the arrangement for this connection lies between you and your energy retailer and/or distributor. Your electricity contract/tariff may be subject to change following solar installation, and it is advisable to contact your electricity retailer before signing a contract to ascertain any potential adjustments in tariff rates

Recognize that various energy retailers and/or distributors have distinct rules, requirements, and rates regarding compensation for the solar electricity you generate. Switching energy retailers might be necessary to receive the solar electricity feed-in tariff.

Solar Boom assumes no responsibility if you do not receive the solar feed-in-tariff. It is recommended to confirm with your retailer about the availability of the solar feed-in-tariff in your area and any associated conditions. Feed-in tariffs or solar electricity feed-in-tariff schemes are subject to State and Territory laws, and Solar Boom disclaims responsibility in the event of changes that impact the system's return on investment.