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commercial solar system

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a commercial solar system 

Get planning permission: Commercial solar panel installation requires permission. Make sure to check whether you need planning permission before you begin the installation process. 

Property assessment & survey

After you plan to get a commercial solar panel system, the experts from the company should carry out a remote assessment of your roof. They will check the condition, orientation inclination and how much space is available to install a solar panel. The solar panel installer will ask you to take measurements and photos of the space to decide the size needed. 

Design of the system

Based on the survey and crucial assessment practice, the solar panel installer will design your solar panel system. They are responsible for deciding the number of panels required and their angle, location, mounting and wiring configurations they will need. You must not hesitate to ask questions or request a change in the design. 

Property modifications

A solar panel installer will put your battery and inverter in a garage or any other place downstairs. They might ask you to cut down trees or plants that would cast shade over your solar panel. It will help your system generate as much sunlight into electricity as possible. 

Delivery of kit

Once all the surveying and modification processes are done, the installer will deliver your kit within a week of installation. Make sure to clear out the space and allow workers to work accordingly for successful industrial solar panel installation. 

Scaffolding erection

Scaffolding will be erected around your home in advance to install the commercial solar panel. It will help in an easier solar installation process. However, you are not required to pay anything for scaffolding.

Installation day

After the scaffolding is built, the job of installing a commercial solar panel system will be carried out. The time taken to install the solar panel depends on the size and complexity of it. The team will perform the installation process and explain the process to you after successful installation. Make sure to monitor the process and understand the process for later. 

Testing and activation

The team will make sure to test the entire solar panel system and ensure it is safe and efficient. They will check all the electrical connections and perform intended activities to make sure everything is fixed in place. The installation will be complete and the panels will fall under your control. 

Approval from G99

Commercial solar panels require approval after installation. If the maximum capacity of your solar panel is over 3.68kW, you must send a G99 application to your area’s DNO. After approval, you can live freely and use the solar panel efficiently. 

Register for a solar export tariff

Once your solar panel system has been commissioned, you can sign up for a solar export tariff. Your DNO will help you with that and within 1 to 4 weeks you will get the meter. This way you can register yourself and start gaining profitable use of the solar panel

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