Choosing the Perfect Solar Panel System for Melbourne Home

Solar Panel System for Melbourne Home

Having solar panel system installed in your home in Melbourne can result in profound energy savings; it is also good for the environment.  With various options available online and offline, it can be difficult for you to know where to start from. 

Factors to consider before choosing the best solar system for home

Size of the residential solar panels: It is important to consider the size of your solar panel system. It depends on the size of your roof, energy needs and the amount of sunlight coming on the roof. It can be determined by hiring a professional solar panel installer. They will guide you with the appropriate size of the system. 

Quality of solar panels: Every solar panel is different from others. Before installing the right solar panel at your residence, it is essential to choose premium quality solar panels that are effective and have a performance warranty of at least 25 years. 

Price of solar panels: The cost of the solar panel depends on the size of the system. It comes with installation costs and the original cost of the solar panel itself. Choose the solar panel that fits within your budget and is also effective in providing energy savings for your purpose. 

Type of inverter used in solar panels: It is an essential factor that needs to be considered while choosing the right solar panel. The inverter helps in converting the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity, which can be used for your residential purposes. Choose solar panels that offer a warranty of at least 10 years and provide better performance even in shading conditions. 

Monitoring system: This system helps you in tracking the overall performance including the electricity generated by the solar panel. Additionally, the monitoring system helps in finding the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy exported back to the grid. Choose monitoring systems that are user-friendly and provide real-time data for better understanding. 

About Solar Boom Energy 

At Solar Boom Energy, we are dedicated to offering the best quality solar panel system Melbourne, Australia. We strive to offer warranty-approved and top-notch quality solar panels for your residential area. Our Melbourne solar installers are available to guide you in choosing the best and optimal solar panel for your household requirements and size. We make sure to help you choose products that provide long-term energy savings and are quality-approved.

If you are looking for the best solar panel system provider in Melbourne, reach out to us today.  


  1. Do I need battery storage with my solar panel system in Melbourne?

Yes, battery storage can be a beneficial product that can help in reducing reliance on the grid. However, you must consider these factors before choosing residential solar panels. 

  1. How do I choose a reputable solar panel installer in Melbourne?

Look for online reviews and ask friends and family who have gotten solar panels installed at their residential place. Solar Boom Energy is the leading solar panel installer in Melbourne. We provide the best quality services and guidance to our clients.

  1. Will my solar panel system still generate electricity on cloudy days in Melbourne?

Yes, solar panels can generate electricity on cloudy days at a reduced rate when compared to sunny days. However, the overall performance of the solar system for home depends on the weather and panel installation. 

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